What’s all this about Halloweentown? Learn more!


For a complete list of happenings and prices of all things Halloween in St. Helens Oregon just check back at the end of July. Each weekend in October there are many things to do at “Spirit of Halloweentown.” Book hotels early! Try a local AirBnB! Like us on fb at Spirit of Halloweentown St. Helens, Oregon. What does it cost to visit St. Helens, OR and partake in special Halloween activities? If you are driving it costs $10 per car load. Follow parking signs to the lot closest to the festival. Streets and parking lots around the plaza close to the festival are by resident and entertainment permit parking only. You will be towed so don’t make the day end with sadness and just follow the parking signs. Some activities are free, some are paid. We will offer family passes and more as soon as possible. We have some pretty awesome new activities we are adding. Photo ops in the square are free to all and the city is open 24/7 at Courthouse Plaza. That’s where the big pumpkin lighting is and a lot of our props.

We will have our complete agenda uploaded by July 31st for what is scheduled.

Don’t know what Halloweentown is? Read on…you need to know a few things….
Ok, what it is all about is that Halloweentown was filmed in St. Helens Oregon the Disney  film centers around Marnie Cromwell (Kimberly J. Brown), a young teenager who finds herself oddly fascinated with the mythical, magical, and mysterious. That’s a problem, because her mother, Gwen (Judith Hoag), harbors an equally puzzling disdain for the very same things, and most especially Halloween, which just happens to be the day on which the story begins (and ends). Her younger and wittier brother, Dylan (Joey Zimmerman), is even more cynical when it comes to the non-scientific. Sophie (Emily Roeske), the youngest Cromwell, is more like-minded with her older sister, but age is an obstacle in their bonding.

It’s Marnie’s grandmother, Aggie Cromwell (screen legend Debbie Reynolds), with whom she can readily identify. Much like Marnie herself, the eccentric Aggie doesn’t get along with Gwen, and the fact that she visits the family on only one day a year- Halloween- and brings plenty of mischievously festive treats along with her only serves to aggravate their quarrelsome relationship. The plot thickens from there and if you are reading this now you need to rent or buy the movie on Amazon today.