Peter Facinelli a.k.a. Dr. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight. October 12th


You’ve waited long enough! Guess who is coming to St. Helens, Oregon to light the pumpkin and for guest appearances on October 12th?
Welcome Peter Facinelli a.k.a. Dr. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight. Twilight was partially filmed in St. Helens, Oregon and has a walking tour of the various movie locations. Peter will be doing some special photo ops and Meet and Greets on October 12th. Information can be found at by clicking on the main menu bar above the train tracks on the top of the page or for tickets click the below link and make sure you scroll down.

1940’s Dinner & Big Band Fundraiser for St. Helens Senior Center November 2nd

SAVE THE DATE!  Saturday, November 2nd.  This will be a special night at the St. Helens Senior Center.  We will be hosting a 1940’s Dinner & Big Band Fundraiser featuring “Big River Big Band” with Director Larry Jackson.  The night will include a choice of a delicious prime rib or salmon dinner.  It will be an evening of dining and dancing reminiscent of the Big Band Era.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE!

Location: 375 S. 15th Street, St. Helens, OR 97051
Phone: 5033973377
Name: St. Helens Senior Center
Date: 2019-11-02

Halloweentown Tickets, Twilight, Celebrity Appearances & Agenda Information


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Big River Big Band Dance October 20th

Columbia County’s River City Singers and Big River Big Band are present a joint concert featuring danceable music of the Swing Era.  The Scappoose Middle School Old Gymnasium (part of the main building) will be the location of this Dance Concert.  Doors open at 2:45 PM and there is a suggested donation of $10 per person.

Matt McHugh knows the people in his neighborhood.

Who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood? This familiar childhood song beats a rhythm in my mind whenever Matt’s name comes up in conversation.  If you have ever met Matt McHugh you would be hard pressed to not find him greeting you with a big warm smile and hardy hello, one palm raised up to meet yours. His positive vibe is infectious and you’ll easily fall into comfortable conversation about life and the living.

We sit at Plymouth Pub, the new sports bar down on 1st Street and fall into easy conversation. It’s Matt’s first visit and he settles for a burger with the bacon. “How can you go wrong he quarries?” with a smile. While we wait for our fare I ask Matt about his earlier years and he begins with his parents and first memories. In 2nd grade Matt moved to Scappoose with his dad and mom. His dad was a principal at Grant Watts. The family took to the little town and he grew up in the area enjoying the life in a “Leave it to Beaver” culture. It had all the fun of running around the neighbor hood, playing in an unencumbered society, free of propeller parents and far from city life where folks didn’t always lock their doors at night. Those days continued throughout his school life: family, friends, school, fun. But, like a lot of other people, Matt was anxious to see the exciting outside world he saw on television, heard about and experienced on outings with his family. He had new ideas about what was next.

Not to be outdone by anyone else Matt left as soon as he possibly could to get away. In his young mind, the place was small and restrictive. He laughs about this now, “Isn’t that what everyone wants to do when they finish high school?” As the burger arrives he says he is glad he ordered it. “Now if it is as good as it looks right?” One bite later he nods his head in approval and continues his story. After leaving he went to university and ended up with a degree in Political Science and a wonderful mate in his wife Jamie. She was raised in Portland and seemed agreeable to the next big thing which was starting a family.  When it came to child rearing they quickly realized they couldn’t be the helicopter parent type, keeping track of your kids every minute of the day and competing for much sought “quality play dates.” The city didn’t seem to fit into their vision of family as much as it did when you just wanted to get away from your parents. They found themselves yearning for a more laid back environment to grow their children and realized that another move was needed to make it a reality. It was a move back to where Matt had roots and it was doable financially.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find Matt teaching his boys to fish and play outside, hiking within the beauty of close by forest and fauna. Here the “great outdoors” starts pretty much right as soon as you leave the house he says.  “We still go to nearby attractions like OMSI and Oaks Park, but we are grounded here. This is where we really do the living,” says Matt.

I asked what he wishes Columbia County had and he smiles, “I love Indian Food and the ability to take a taxi, Dim Sum on Sundays.” His favorite food remains pizza which will always rule as his favorite, hopefully with roasted garlic.”  His idea of relaxing is fishing, Frisbee golf, and neighborhood poker games. Coincidentally these are all within a 5 minute drive.

Matt believes in community and you’ll soon see his lifelong commitment at the Chinook Sports Field. In two locations it will be touting his Cascadia Home Loans message. He is very involved with supporting youth and one campaign he is recently involved in is the “Sports Time not Screen Time”  program.  An avid community supporter you’ll see Cascadia Home Loans millennial inspired rainbow of outdoor pigments continue to be recognized on many more upcoming events and school programs.

In his business of providing financial services and support to he is planning to grow with the cities he serves. Another location is a definite possibility and he truly can supply our small towns with the resources of a big city.

Matt is way to young to retire; but he sees his life here for the upcoming years and watching both his family life grow up through his children and the community grow into everything everyone could want it to be. Lots of resources without the hassle of city life. “It’s hard to find a place that is perfect, but this area has the bones, you have to trust that everyone wants the best for their neighbor too; I see that here and it makes me want to do better every day so my kids can have the same choices I do later on.”

Festival of the Fairies Tickets Here

  • Festival of the Fairies – Riverfront (by fenced area in front of 295 Strand Street)  Saturdays 10 am – 6 pm. & Sundays  10 am – 4 pm.
    The fall never looked so magical! Come enjoy quality family time at this fun-filled location designed with playful activities within a mysterious setting. This setting on the waterfront comes complete with “stone hedge” boulders hosting dragons & fairies resting on arches, a giant magic wishing tree where you can throw a penny and make a wish in true storybook fashion, fires, hammocks to hang out in, a storytelling bat house, and peek boxes. Enjoy the bigger–than-life games, scavenger hunts, hula-hoops, Whack-a-Witch, Dragon Story theater, Zorb Ball Racing throughout the day.  Hug a goat at the Tiny Farm  enjoy some maypole dancing. Wear a magical costume and become part of the fun. The area is designed for the playful at heart and there is a lot to do and experience. We reserve the right to add even more activities too! Strollers are allowed. Small dogs are allowed if carried by owner. No dogs allowed in area that are not in owners control or that cause any disturbance to any other guest due to barking, Children under 2 free – all others $15. In and out privileges throughout the day. Entrance includes Wand or Animal Figures and Halloween candy too. Children must be accompanied by a responsible party. Festival of the Fairies Activities are included in One Big Ticket passes so do not pay twice.  at 

Sand Island Campground

Want to camp on Sand Island Campground in Oregon. Well now you can..

Simply visit and make your desires a reality.

Coming Soon is our newest attraction Sand Island Adventure – Stay tuned as we finalize our offering designed just for you!

Height restrictions are as follows: 32″ (82 cm) or taller and accompanied by another rider 54″ or taller. 54″ (137 cm) or taller to ride alone.

Take a ride on this new water adventure and then spend the afternoon or day on Sand Island. This ticket includes passage to and from the Whale Ride which leaves from Sand Island. Sand Island is located in St. Helens, Oregon. Follow the gps to St. Helens Oregon and park free by 2C’s Vendor Mall on 1st Street. Then walk the 2 blocks to the St. Helens Marina. At the St. Helen’s Marina you will receive ferry passage across to Sand Island. Before boarding check in at the Marina store and watch the short safety video and receive your wrist bands. Wrist bands give you free passage to and from the take off point for your ride. The ride includes life vests, whistles and of course a super fun pull around Sand Island and the river for 20 minutes. Be prepared to have fun and bring your sun screen. We can lock anything you bring with you in our locker during your ride only. Following your ride you can stay the day at Sand Island until 5 p.m. and explore the island, lounge on the “beach” or return to St. Helens to shop and dine. We offer basic food service to Sand Island which you may order onsite from Sunshine Pizza and have delivered to the island or you may bring your own food and beverage. The last boat back to St. Helens, OR is at 5 p.m. and you may not stay overnight unless you are also camping on the island. Details to stay overnight are found by going to Sand Island and you may make an overnight reservation there if there are sites available.

Whale Ride 6

St. Helens Historic District Walking Tour – Year Round

Click on the Walking Tour Link from our URL and then you’ll be in for a treat.

The map will guide you through a section of St. Helens that was accepted as a Historic District by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1984. Much of the narrative describes the structures as they appeared at that time. Some have been demolished, but most are still standing and may have been updated in appearance. In some cases, historic images have been added to the descriptions and the maps. Also, stories about notable people and events are included. The best way to experience this tour is to use your smart phone with GPS enabled. The map icons are keyed to the significance of the structure and/or commercial uses. Please do not disturb the residents. You can also navigate through the map on your computer, just click on any house or building icon.

We would appreciate any feedback about the tour experience. You can email