Woodland Cottage Handpicked Showcases St. Helens, Or with New York Style


In 2015 Courtney opened Woodland Cottage Handpicked and St. Helens has never looked so good. Professional photographic skills, combined with a global sense of style and a good head for marketing has created a trifecta of retail savvy in this local store. Their online presence snags the attention of FaceBook followers with fashion shots that feature local St. Helens’ backdrops. The product photos flow like a favorite movie, the scenes giving additional excitement as if you were visiting a film location. The riverfront, public art pieces, and various projects become part of the wonderful fashion line worn by local models. These photos show up on screen in a variety of ways and each time they do, viewers find themselves caught up in the totality of what is inside the frame. Add this depth, this sense of style to a social media promotion and you will see why so many shoppers follow Woodland Cottage Handpicked online. The juxtaposition of style versus layout compares favorably among companies that spend millions on professional, creative marketing campaigns.

Woodland Cottage is owned by Courtney Allison, who has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. A quick smile and a warm hello is likely the first interaction you will have with her. In 2000 Courtney opened her first retail shop based on trips with her husband to Colorado. These trips encouraged a fascination with microbrews and collecting brewery souvenirs along with the quality creations of local artisans. When you visit Woodland Cottage you immediately sense Courtney’s commitment to impeccable Northwest Style. Beautiful handmade racks offer gorgeous “handpicked” selections. Each collection would easily fit into any world-class shopping venue across the globe. Additionally, Courtney’s shop offers items for anyone on your shopping list – women, men, and children – making this place a home run for local shoppers.

Courtney has always loved photography and decided to get serious in 2005 when she opened her professional photography business just a year before the birth of her daughter Kylie. Having a baby inspired the opening of Lizards & Ladybugs, a children’s boutique. Meanwhile, her photography studio continued to thrive. In 2012 a move from Eugene to Gales Creek reminded Courtney that she needed a break and the 44 acre home provided a much needed nudge to relax and reflect and travel. Spending quality time with family was a reset of sorts and by the time a snowstorm hit in 2014 the family was ready for a change. They listed everything they wanted in a home and found only one that met their criteria. Luckily for residents of Columbia County, their dream home is located here.

After a short time renting space in a vendor mall, Courtney secured her store on First Street and named it Woodland Cottage after their home in the woods. This location has been able to fulfill Courtney’s business goals of giving back to the community and supporting local artisans who provide her with racks and shelves for her new and unique offerings. For local shoppers, Woodland Cottage offers specific lines of new, upscale boutique clothing, jewelry and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else in-county. Quality over quantity, ease of originality is a mantra that seeps into the store description easily. With traffic a consideration and wanting to find something unique, something special in a gift Woodland Cottage rises to the top. It is an easy choice for shopping in Columbia County before braving the road to faraway places.

Woodland Cottage is also home to a new idea for St. Helens called Night Market. This exclusive event highlights various artisans who create their own brand and need more recognition to encourage product awareness. It’s another way that Courtney encourages new businesses in the area and into her store, as guests reap the rewards. Others have discovered the easy online component of Woodland Cottage by having their gifts directly shipped across the country. Don’t be surprised if you find a gift from Woodland Cottage showing up from a good friend. Just enjoy the pleasure it’s about to bestow on you and smile because it’s also supporting a local artisan. After selecting multiple treasures, you make your way the counter only to discover that Courtney has an additional surprise for you. She has a loyalty program which gives credit towards future purchases. “Come back again,” she says to you with a wave and a smile. Don’t be surprised to find yourself waving back while you wonder check to see what time Woodland Cottage opens tomorrow.

Woodland Cottage Handpicked is on fb and twitter and located on First Street St. Helens, OR