Hot Topics – Sand Island sets up camp


Hot Topics – Sand Island Sets Up Camp


  • There are currently 37 campsites planned with additional spaces for dwelling on the island. The island can easily accommodate this number with plenty of space for additional day use by guests.
  • Once the island “opens” there will be an onsite camp host 24 hours a day. This person will transport people to location and ensure they have any questions answered and be available 24/7. This person will call for help in emergency situations if necessary.
  • The island will be available for all typical day use by boaters. Boaters can use the docks as they always have. Gatherings for specific boat activities will proceed as normal.
  • The island will have garbage and recycling service.
  • The shuttle for transport to the island is free to anyone overnight camping or for day use guests.
  • There will be a charge for overnight camping or rental of future temporary dwellings.
  • The beach access will always be open for boaters.
  • The island will be patrolled daily and any transient dwellers will be advised of the rules on the island and given information as to services available. Any situations which could arise will be left to the police department if necessary.
  • Guests that take the free shuttle to the island for day use may not stay overnight unless they have reserved camping. Guests may return on the free shuttle based on day use rules similar to other camping areas. Campers will need to be checked in by a specific check in time.
  • Camping will be available electronically for guests who wish to reserve a location. They will be able to choose spaces and all the normal things related to the camp grounds.
  • Parking will be available via valet as well as locations downtown such as next to 2C’s Vendor Mall or at new paved parking lot planned by the Sand island managers.
  • Currently boaters can stay 5 days every 30 days at no charge at all docks. A discussion of limiting the stay to 72 hours except by permit is being discussed.
  • Sand Island is being managed by St. Helens Campgrounds LLC an affiliate of St. Helens Marina. The City of St. Helens Councilors will provide oversight. St. Helens Campground is expecting to spend the necessary moneys to provide a vastly improved outdoor location for both the community and guests.
  • Camping, dwellings, adventure experiences and community activities are all part of the plan for use of the island.
  • Out of town guests can camp for $30 per night while locals get a $10 cash back deal. In the future this will be done via gift cards for use at First & Strand Businesses.
  • Check back for further updates as they become available