Museum of Peculiarities & Oddities Walking Tour – Year Round

You’ll be able to take a walking tour of the strange and odd from Columbia Blvd beginning at Vanderwalls Vendormall on Columbia Blvd in St. Helens, OR and down the road to 1st Street in St. Helens Riverfront District. We’ve taken The Museum of Peculiarities and Oddities on the road. Guests and locals alike can take a walk from Columbia to 1st Street and be amazed at the storefront residents and displays. Fun tongue and cheek characters and items will introduce community “characters” and tell some “tall tales” or perhaps just explain what you are seeing. Read their stories as you walk along. We’re still under construction so check back with a walk as you please and we continue to add some unusual things.

Participating businesses include:

Vanderwalls Vendormall, Richardsons Furniture, Top Notch Thrift Store, Feed and Seed Store, American Family Insurance, Hagz & Bags(across from Kozy) Wild Current, 2C’s Vendermall, Woodland Cottage, Cuts +, Bemis Printing, City Hall, Running Dogs Brewery, City Hall Plaza Side, Feathers & Leathers, Jilly’s plus The Plymouth Pub, City Hall and Keller Williams Realty.