Sand Island Campground

Want to camp on Sand Island Campground in Oregon. Well now you can..

Simply visit and make your desires a reality.

Coming Soon is our newest attraction Sand Island Adventure – Stay tuned as we finalize our offering designed just for you!

Height restrictions are as follows: 32″ (82 cm) or taller and accompanied by another rider 54″ or taller. 54″ (137 cm) or taller to ride alone.

Take a ride on this new water adventure and then spend the afternoon or day on Sand Island. This ticket includes passage to and from the Whale Ride which leaves from Sand Island. Sand Island is located in St. Helens, Oregon. Follow the gps to St. Helens Oregon and park free by 2C’s Vendor Mall on 1st Street. Then walk the 2 blocks to the St. Helens Marina. At the St. Helen’s Marina you will receive ferry passage across to Sand Island. Before boarding check in at the Marina store and watch the short safety video and receive your wrist bands. Wrist bands give you free passage to and from the take off point for your ride. The ride includes life vests, whistles and of course a super fun pull around Sand Island and the river for 20 minutes. Be prepared to have fun and bring your sun screen. We can lock anything you bring with you in our locker during your ride only. Following your ride you can stay the day at Sand Island until 5 p.m. and explore the island, lounge on the “beach” or return to St. Helens to shop and dine. We offer basic food service to Sand Island which you may order onsite from Sunshine Pizza and have delivered to the island or you may bring your own food and beverage. The last boat back to St. Helens, OR is at 5 p.m. and you may not stay overnight unless you are also camping on the island. Details to stay overnight are found by going to Sand Island and you may make an overnight reservation there if there are sites available.

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