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St. Helens Kite Club Information

We are starting a cool new kite club here in St. Helens, OR. We have lots of different kites and you’ll be able to check them out as a member…

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1st Annual Sand Island Campground Sandcastle Competition August 14-15, 2020

We’re planning on a Sand Island Campground – Sandcastle Competition in August. We’ll have two categories with some lovely prize money in store. Do you want to get more information?…

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Spread Holiday Cheer to Our Single Parent Community December 11th deadline.

Wayman LLC IS Seeking christmas stocking donations for SINGLE MOTHERS AND FATHERS   Operation Stocking Stuffers   To assist with Operation Stocking Stuffers, WaymanLLC is asking community members to donate…

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Christmas Ships and Santa Claus December 12th. Beginning at 5:30pm

Please note there will be no Christmas Tree Lighting this year as we continue to encourage social distancing. However; we will be decorating the plaza with lights and have the…

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Don’t miss out on important updates for your healthcare.

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Explore Local, Get the App!

Explore local is a way to see many Columbia County Businesses in one place in a really cool app. Download it for Apple or Android and see the offerings in…

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A New Home for the 2021? Get Pre-approved in your p.j.’s!

“At Cascadia Home Loans you can get pre-approved for a mortgage wearing your Pajamas in the privacy of your own home while eating ice cream and watching Netflix!  Just visit…

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LumiNights Lantern Festival 2021 – stay tuned for details

Stay tuned as we confirm dates within the parameters of our govenment. Thank you. Details for now are: At the wonderful world of LumiNight: a walking safari through scenes from…

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Sand Island Campground – St. Helens, Oregon 2020

Want to camp on Sand Island Campground in Oregon or take a walk and sight see on the island? Well now you can.. Free shuttle 10 – 5 p.m. daily.…

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St. Helens Historic District Walking Tour – Year Round

Click on the Walking Tour Link from our URL and then you’ll be in for a treat. The map will guide you through a section of St. Helens that…

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