13 Nights on the River – June – December – New Dates!!! Please Read

13 Nights on the River is now delivering 13 nights from June through December on the river front at The Wauna Credit Union Stage. Please note new dates!!!!

June 15th – Showdown

June 29th – Workin’ for the Weekend

June 30th – Radical Revolution

July 1st – Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC Cover

July 2nd – Aerosmith Rocks

July 3rd – The Reflex – Bart Hafeman Band

July 4th – Hit Machine (A City Event Not Under Operation of 13 Nights Management)

July 13th – Barracuda

July 27th – The Hollywood Squares

Aug 10th – The Horn Dawgs

Aug 24th – Quarterflash

For vendor or sponsorship information visit http://www.13nightsontheriver.org


4 thoughts on “13 Nights on the River – June – December – New Dates!!! Please Read

  1. The information about the specific changes to 13 nites on the river SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE LOCAL PAPERS!!
    Not everyone has internet access, phone or computer to get it.
    I am so disappointed that I missed my favorite group, seaitong this info in the paper and any posters I saw aroynd town did not give specifics of dates each groip playing.
    I have heard this same sentiment from numeroys people in town.

    • The papers did have the schedule and it did not change from the first concert forward. The dates and acts all remained the same. The postcards were available around town as well. Sorry we missed you. There will be more concerts upcoming and of course the dates are on this site. Thank you.

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